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We teach our youth valuable skills so they can shine in their new jobs. Our professional development workshops are taught by Pivotal staff and community volunteers who understand what it takes to be successful in the workplace. 


We prepare them to hit the ground running. 

Our students receive 20 hours of professional development training to build their skills and confidence before starting a new internship or job. We start by teaching them how to take stock of their talents, write a strong resume, create a LinkedIn profile, and search for jobs that align with their passions and goals.  


We teach them how to succeed in a professional environment.

In the next phase, we teach them business etiquette, task management, and presentation skills. They also learn how to use Microsoft Office Suite and office equipment, like network phones and copy machines. We review labor laws and sexual harassment statutes too. The final piece of the puzzle is to run mock job interviews so they know what to expect and feel confident on their big day. 

My intern's professional development training prepared her to be very successful in her role!

Kristina Bullock
Principal HR Partner, Integrated Device Technology

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