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Former foster youth are underrepresented in Silicon Valley's technology industry. Our flagship STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) program offers high school-aged foster youth with project-based science learning, workforce readiness training, and a paid summer internship at a technology company. 


We celebrate their interest in science.

Foster youth typically live in environments where they don't have access to technology or professionals with a STEM background. In fact, few are aware of the career paths available in the science and technology industry.

We provide instruction to high school-aged foster youth in robotics, web development, design thinking, and coding coursework. All high school students are eligible to participate in our STEM program. Students meet over 9 consecutive Saturdays at the Tech Museum of Innovation and learn under the guidance of professional industry volunteers while there is ample time for them to make educational and career decisions that include the option of a STEM career. 

My Probation Officer made me go to the STEM classes. I couldn't believe how much I loved going to them. When the first 9-week session was over, I signed up for the next one. That's how awesome they are.

Current Pivotal High School STEM Scholar


Who needs to sleep in?  

We think of our STEM class as a social club that gives students somewhere to be on a Saturday and keeps them connected to other kids who share a common interest in technology. 


We make sure they stay connected. 

After they finish one 9-week STEM course,  we give our students a gift that recognizes the dedication they've shown to their academic growth. We award each student their very own personal laptop, which comes fully loaded with Microsoft Office tools and internet security software. Living in foster care can feel isolating at times. Laptops keep them connected to their school, friends, and community. 

Free laptops for foster youth

Why laptops? 

Nowadays, it's impossible to get your homework done without a computer. Our laptop gifts make it easier for our scholars to do school research, write essays, and access their online assignments.  They also keep them connected to friends and family, help them search for jobs, and keep them involved in what's going on in the community. 


Only 20% of youth from foster care have access to a laptop.

Read Denisse’s story about how our STEM program helped her hold tight to her dreams.