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Foster youth lack the family and friend networks to get their foot in the door. We open up our network to them, help them search for jobs, and prepare them for employment success. 


We're matchmakers.

Our coaches and business development team work with each youth to find them the right job in our network of employment partners. They get to know each youth's talents, interests, and goals for success. Sometimes, a youth will have a unique interest that does not align within our network. When that happens, we don't give up. Our team starts knocking on every door within reach until we find the right opportunity for our scholar. 

We partner with the best.

Our employment partners want to open their doors to our motivated and hard-working youth. They recognize that Pivotal scholars are as capable of success as their peers but lack access to a professional network that gets their foot in the door. Our employment partners are committed to helping our young people see what it's like to work in real offices with real professionals and real responsibilities. 

Offer our youth a job opportunity that changes their life.