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We begin working with students in the 9th grade because high school is a critical time in the lives of young people. Our high school coaches stick by them through all the ups and downs and work tirelessly to get them through school.


We get them through the tough years.

Foster youth deal with the same issues all teenagers have.  But, they face additional challenges. The average foster youth moves two to three times in a single year.  Staying on top of school work while adjusting to a new home, school, and foster family can be overwhelming. Our caring coaches motivate them and keep them focused on their future.  

Our high school coaches meet with their youth at location chosen by the students. They review school attendance, grades, and track graduation requirements. When a student needs academic intervention services like tutoring or disability resources, our coaches connect them to the right services. 

High School Grad Rate Graphic_High School Grad Rate Stat

High school graduates earn an average of $8,500 more per year than non-graduates. That's a big difference and one reason why our high school coaches work so hard with them.

John Hogan
Pivotal, VP Career Services


We are training future social workers. 

Many of our high school coaches are interns from Masters of Social Work graduate programs. They are social workers- in-training who learn the ropes by working directly with the population they will eventually serve as licensed professionals. Our high school scholars work with Pivotal interns for the duration of the academic school year, under the supervision of our own experienced program staff who already hold M.A. degrees in Social Work. 



We help them be innovators. 

We encourage our high school students with interests in technology and innovation to join our Saturday STEM program. Over 9 weeks, students learn website design, robotics, gamification, and coding from our own teaching staff as well as employee volunteers from some of the largest tech companies in the valley.

Once they complete one of our 9-week sessions, students are eligible for a paid summer internship that matches their interests and provides them with solid work experience and a network of professionals who are eager to mentor motivated youth.

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